Unified Track
Suitable for Grades K - 12, all levels and abilities


Unified Sports is a Special Olympics program where students with and without intellectual disabilities train and compete on the same team. Unified Sports was inspired by a simple principle: playing sports together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

The following recommended safety guidelines have been adapted from the Special Olympics North America Physical Education guidelines and adapted to fit the SPHEReS Safety Guidelines structure



  • On-site supervision is recommended for set up and initial instruction.


Instructional Considerations

  • Code of etiquette should be taught and enforced (e.g. practicing good sportsmanship and support for all competitors).


Adaptive Considerations

  • Waterfall starts when possible on the track.
  • The size and weight of the equipment used for the throws can be adapted as needed.
  • Larger take-off area for jumps may be used when possible.



  • Indoor or outdoor track, gymnasium, or field may be used.
  • Playing area should be inspected to ensure it is in good condition and avoid any potentially unsafe terrain or areas. All unsafe clutter or garbage should be removed from the playing area.
  • Players and spectators should only walk outside of the playing area, never through an area where participants may be running, jumping, or throwing.
  • Safety should be top priority when choosing implements (e.g. using a plastic turbo javelin instead of a regular javelin).

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Last revised on 10 March, 2022.