What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a violently-rotating column of air that extends between a cloud formation and the ground. They may be difficult to see until dust and debris are picked up, or a cloud forms within the rotating column, and often appear as a funnel. Tornadoes are often accompanied by severe thunderstorms and hail that can threaten life and damage property.

Tornado season

Tornado season in Alberta runs from May through September, with mid-June through early August being the peak time.


Tornado Safety

If you are caught in or near a tornado, seek shelter in a sturdy building! Schools can provide adequate protection, but everyone should move to an interior part of the building away from outside walls and windows. Gymnasiums and auditoriums with wide-spanning roofs can collapse in a tornado, so it's best to seek shelter in another part of the school.

If no shelter is available, move to the lowest elevation possible such as a ditch or culvert, away from objects that could become projectiles. Lie flat and cover your head from flying debris.

Tornadoes can be deceptive - they may appear to be standing still but may, in fact, be moving toward you.

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Last revised on 26 April, 2021.