Physical Activity, Sports, and Recreation in the Academy Setting

The SPHERe resource has been created for use in the regular physical education program and Daily Physical Activity within schools, in which most students participate. The guidelines provided may not be specific enough to meet the needs of specialized athletic programs that are offered in an academy setting. Students in academy settings may be participating in higher-calibre, more intense forms of activities. It should be considered the duty of the teachers and administrators of physical activities in the academy setting to seek out and implement guidelines that are suited to the abilities of the students and that will appropriately minimize the risk of injury to a level acceptable to the students and their parents/guardians.

Teachers and administrators who are looking for safety guidelines for use in an academy setting will find the information in the SPHERe resource useful but, should also seek out sources that address the level of activity.

The Interschool Athletics content should be reviewed if required. Also, the provincial sport association for the activity should be contacted for safety guidelines appropriate to the level of activity.