Injury Incident Procedures

All school authorities should have a policy outlining procedures in case of an accident, injury or incident. Each school administrator should have:

  • A set of written school safety rules.
  • A first aid kit accessible to all staff and volunteers. This should be fully stocked and checked on a regular basis.
  • Forms to be used by teachers when reporting an injury.
  • Emergency procedures posted in the gymnasium and by the nearest phone.
  • Accident/Injury/Incident Report forms may report only medically treated injuries or all accidents, near accidents and equipment problems. Forms are generally designed to collect information and facilitate the investigation of accidents or injuries.
  • A well-designed and properly completed report form can be valuable in clarifying certain aspects of an  accident or injury when legal liability is in question. The form can be used as evidence in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Foreseeable incidents should be considered in advance, e.g., an EpiPen should be available on-site whenever a student subject to allergies is attending.
  • Staff should have written instructions regarding accident, injury or incident reporting and follow-up procedures.
  • An emergency action plan to deal with accidents, injuries or incidents in physical education must be developed in all schools.
  • Current legislation in Alberta dictates that the following acts and associated regulations, rights and policies will be adhered to at the school level:
    • Alberta School Act
    • Alberta Human Rights Act
    • Emergency Medical Aid Act
    • Safety Codes Act, Fire Code Regulation
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act
    • WHMIS
    • Workers’ Compensation Act (off-site education)
    • Traffic Safety Act
    • Young Offenders Act
    • Child Welfare Act
    • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP)
    • Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
    • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
    • Alberta Bill of Rights.


Last revised on 26 April, 2021.