Physical activity and COVID-19

Student safety in physical education remains our top priority as schools reopen. All physical education endeavours must adhere to the school re-entry guidelines as outlined by the Government of Alberta.


This resource is intended for use by Alberta schools, staff, and administrations. Other jurisdictions are welcome to use this resource where their own guidelines do not exist, but the authors assume no authority or liability.


Intent of the Guidelines

The intent of the Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools is twofold:

  1. to focus teacher attention on safe instructional practices in order to minimize inherent risk and
  2. to encourage school authorities to develop policies, and schools to develop plans and procedures, for the safety and security of their students.

One purpose of this guide is to provide teachers with safety guidelines related to physical activity. Many of these activities may occur in the physical education program, the daily physical activity initiative, intramural activities and recess or lunch breaks. 

These guidelines have also been developed to assist school authorities in their formulation of site-specific safety guidelines for physical activity in Alberta schools. Implementation of safety guidelines should in all cases be preceded by a close review of these guidelines and appropriate modification on the part of each school authority in order to meet the specific requirements and circumstances of their respective school program.

The recommendations put forth here should be considered within the overall context of the school authority’s responsibilities for providing a safe, clean and healthy physical environment for students without limiting or restricting options for physical activity.


How to use this resource

While there is no prescribed order for reviewing the contents of this resource, we urge you to thoroughly review all sections of the Fundamental Reading before implementing any of the activities outlined herein.

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