Instructional Considerations for Winter Outdoor Activities

  • Teacher should discuss frostbite and hypothermia with students and how to recognize and treat. 
  • Teachers should be aware of students with history of asthma and other respiratory problems and severe allergies. Those students should be encouraged to carry inhaler/auto-injector. 
  • Students and parents should be informed of the importance of sun protection. 
  • Students should be informed of the importance of proper hydration.
  • Students  should be provided with access to water or water bottles and with the opportunity to re-hydrate during activity. 
  • Teachers should refer to school board policy regarding temperature/weather conditions. 
  • Teacher must postpone activity if there is an indication of inclement weather severe enough to put student safety at risk. 


Equipment/Facilities for Winter Outdoor Activities

  • Students should wear appropriate cold-weather outdoor clothing, especially hand and head wear. 
  • When choosing a location, the teacher should consider the following conditions: sun, wind, wind chill and snow conditions as well as suitability of terrain for the activity.
  • If using an outdoor pond or lake, choose a designated and maintained skating area.


Last revised on 16 February, 2024.