Glissades sur chambres à air
Convient aux élèves de la 1re à la 12e année



  • In the area supervision is recommended following initial skill instruction and after all safety concerns have been emphasized.


Instructional Considerations

  • Tubing position - sitting on tube holding onto handles - should be practiced on flat terrain before starting the sliding activity.
  • Students should be introduced to basic skills related to safe participation in the activity. This should include:
    • Standard sliding position.
    • Getting off of tube and moving away for sliding area.
    • A safe procedure for students to clear the bottom area and return to the top of the hill should be established.
  • Students should be instructed to leave sufficient space between tubes starting down the slope to minimize collisions.



  • An approved ski/snowboard is recommended; approved hockey helmets are also acceptable.
  • Tubing is recommended only in a commercial tubing operation.
  • Only tubes designed for commercial operations with handles should be used. Tube pressure should be checked on a regular schedule.
  • The designed capacity of the tubes should not be exceeded. Tubes are either single rider or double rider.
  • Tube lanes should be groomed daily and visually inspected for hazards throughout the day.
  • Tube lanes should be tested on a daily basis. Lower the take-off point if conditions lead to speeds too great to allow tubes to stop safely in run-out area.
  • The run-out at the bottom of the sliding area should have a zone clear of objects and space to allow tubes to come to a safe stop. Speed reduction strategies, i.e., burlap, straw, or other techniques, should be in place at the bottom of the sliding lanes if or when necessary.
  • The lanes should be divided by snow berms which do not allow tubes to enter the adjoining lanes.
  • Walking paths for access to sliding area should be groomed to allow for safe walking.
  • Warm, snuggly-fitting outerwear should be worn.
  • Warm, snuggly-fitting gloves or mitts, preferably made of a non-absorbent fabric should be worn.
  • Warm winter boots should be worn.

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