Relative Risk: Medium



  • Constant visual supervision is recommended during initial skill instruction.
  • On-site supervision is recommended following initial skill instruction and after all safety concerns have been emphasized.


Instructional Considerations

  • Student athletes should be instructed on how to set up hurdles so that knocked hurdles will not resist student athletes’ fall.
  • Student athletes must run in one specified direction.
  • Heights and distances should be modified to accommodate different ability levels.



  • Hurdles should be inspected to ensure stability and that there are no splinters, cracks or other hazards.
  • The spacing and height of hurdles should be set according to gender and age of athletes. Refer to the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association policies for details, available online at under Bylaws and Policies PDF.

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Last revised on 21 February, 2020.

Magnitude of Risk

Interschool athletic activities have been divided into three categories based on guidelines determined by the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta. These include higher magnitude of risk sports, medium magnitude of risk sports and lower magnitude of risk sports. Guidelines for determining risk level include assessing the nature of the sport in consideration of:

  • Potential for injuries with severe consequences;
  • Contact: person to person and person to equipment;
  • Uniqueness of equipment used;
  • Speed of action;
  • Type of supervision required.

Although the magnitude of risk of injury is lower in some interschool athletic activities than in others, it is always in the best interest for teachers/coaches to document attendance and practice plans, and be prepared to handle injuries should they occur.